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:: Robert de Lyons :: by ninebreaker :: Robert de Lyons :: by ninebreaker
I drew the sketch of this while my dad was going through spinal surgery and I spent the last few weeks working on my coloring skills with it. I kinda stole the idea for the sky from another artist whom I enjoy. Don't hate me, I just wanted to see if I could get the same effect. I failed kinda sorta.

Either way, I'm still working on my digital painting abilities. Hopefully this increased them somewhat.

Real critiques welcome.

PS - He has chainmail mitts on, not bloody stumps.
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Eziana Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
This is amazing! I just love it! *w*
The colour of the sky is awesome.
nagaki116 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Critiques? I don't know much, but here is a weapondry thingy: Is the sword he use long? If not where is the tip of it? You need to draw it accordin'ly, or just change the hand to think that's a dagger. Nobody use a dagger as a sword, they keep it upside-down.
Just a stupid commenter passing through~
thatgodchick22 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010
i have a website for christian artists. Was wondering if you might be interested in joining...
Saturated is an evangelistic zine and also a place to bring christian artists together.
I also have an artists page for Artists in General.
The address for the is [link]
Please join and post your art . You are welcome to blog aswell
All your art that you post will go on the main page in the slide show.

Great to meet you
jdlr64 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
Very nice!
RoCueto Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Dude, the composition rocks here.

And I wish I could paint so well, my stuff always looks plastic.
raikaren Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
Hmmm... reminds me about that book from Robyn Young. About crusades. Its simply amazing, i love what you actually did whit his expression. Looks piercing.
quinteros-lama Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2009
your work is very interesting... you are not like other digital artists :)
Oldbeho Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008  Professional Photographer
Great job!
Berubara Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008
I don't think you failed... love the colours! :hug:
MarkEricElton Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Your style phenomenal. I'll be keepin' an eye on your stuff from now on.
rhunel Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008   General Artist
Love the painting style! Still look like bandages though. ;P And the sword arm looks like the elbow should be down more--it just looks odd and short!
FreeMadSuger Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2008
great work.
darkmatter9 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008   Traditional Artist
:rose: Non nobis,Domine,non nobis,sed nomini tuo da gloriam! :rose:
klmsilgi Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
hmm, succesful contrast, it looks atistic than figurative...
LordMacabro Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2008
en español por que no hablo ingles XD bueno esta genial si hay algo que me guste de las cruzadas son las gestas y los templarios
mirrorplex Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
I was attracted by your sky coloring (really great, esp the blue you chose to use, it's tasty), but upon closer look, I'm in love with your lines....

It would be uber awesome if one day you will put out a tutorial of sorts...
duece Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Not sure why I didn't see this before...

anyway. Robert de Sable is not only in Assassins Creed, but also he is mentioned in Brethren, the book I am reading right now :aww:

there is nothing wrong with wanting to try a style of an artist you like. Room for experimentation in art is always welcome. You have some lovely pieces anyway.

Especially this :)
ninebreaker Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
Yeah, but in Brethren, they mostly whine about Gerard De Rideford being a little turd.

The story for that book takes place about 60 years later, too ^_^ I'm looking forward to Requiem coming out so I can finish up that trilogy haha.
duece Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
yeah! Ive only just finished reading Brethren today, and Im picking up Crusades tomorrow. I've really really enjoyed the book, and I really have a soft spot for Garin de Lyons, even though hes a backstabbing little wimp :p I just wanna cuddle him lol!
18withabullet Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008   Digital Artist
this is totally awesome :D
Thinkerman Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008
great, man!
DuszanB Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
great Templar Knight i love how colors came out ... mix of blue and red is so perfect ...
BONA-Face Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
he was an awesome villian. :D

"Ironic, that I... your greatest enemy, kept you safe from harm."
ninebreaker Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007
I actually haven't played the game. From what I hear, the real de Sable kicked uber butt.
BONA-Face Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
you should play it, the story is awesome... within your memories that is. The only thing i didn't like about the game was it was pretty repetitive
sweet-blasphemy Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cool! I love the techniques and stuff! GAH! Its just awesome to stumble across something like this. I'm writing a book around 1192 and to find this little tidbit of history is just GREAT! Like, WOW.

(Anyone who thinks those are bloody stumps and not chainmail mitts obviously cant see his thumbs there...) :D
Toksuki Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
lonewarrior154 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
Amazing. Assassin's Creed was the bomb and it's wonderful seeing a rendition based on history and not fiction. Great work.
lovely-mint-jelly Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
whoah dude.....
Relija Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007  Student Filmographer
Nice likes the colours :)
voltafiish Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007  Student General Artist
That's amazing... I don't know how you do it but you do it well. I love the sky. It's almost like it was done in an impressionism style... Magnificent. <3
rej- Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
Both the drawing and the coloring are great. I love it.
minamiya Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007   General Artist
You've done a great job ^^
sixgunsalute Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Professional Filmographer
i love the color palette, and the clouds. medieval stuff is the best!
west2 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
IgAndAug Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
glad to see you putting new stuff up.
NuclearPeanut Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hands look like they're wrapped in bandages more than 'maile mitts to me.
Still, awesome piece.
Braise Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Hobbyist
Its been a while.. Good job with this. Yeah, the chain-mail looks a little off, but I love everything else! The colors are phenomenal.
aur0rabells Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
when you look at the picture at first, you don't expect the softness of the clouds - I've never seen you do something like that and it contrasts with what you're about to see. Then you see Robert and go 'oh, okay, there we go' and then you wonder if he has fingers :] the shading isn't as dark as I'd like it to be (like inside his cloak), but the colors are amazziinggg.
timpu Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007   Traditional Artist
my only critique would be: where does the sword go? you can see the handle on his right side (our left) but not the blade on his left side (our right).
other than that, great work, and great painting (I wish I could paint like that).
Zsuiram Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
Awesome pic..
I like the dirtyness.. nice style!

Greetings from Germany
Narutofan-13 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
duros Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
i love this, but i thought you chose de sable because of the fact he is your main assassination target in assassins creed.... :P

the coloring is incredible and i think a little more time could have been spent fleshing out the chain mail however, due to the whole complexity of it just some loop lines would have fixed your problem i believe.
ninebreaker Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
holy crap are you serious?! I didn't even know. I chose de Sable because he fits with the timeline of my story.

I'm kinda angry at Assassin's Creed because it's so awesome, but I don't feel right offing Crusaders the whole time...
duros Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah, the game takes place in 1191 during the crusades lol.

you are out to get the 9 targets relating to the templars goals. i dont want to ruin much more.
ninebreaker Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
yeah... well 1191 is right around the time Jerusalem re-fell to the Muslims. I think it's the most interesting time during the Crusades hehe.
MigleGolubickaite Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
His face expression is wonderful :D I missed your art!
Catiris Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
yes! a new update!
I think the sky looks pretty cool, though maybe the colors could flow into each other a little more (maybe more purple or something at the edges?)... so which artist does that?
All the little details really make the picture, like the fur in the collar, the belts, also the orange highlights in the tunic, and the fluer de lis at the hip of the tunic is an interesting touch...
hope your dad is doing well :)
warui-shoujo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Whoa... I just noticed that you used color... :confused: when did you start doing that??? (you can tell it's been a while since I have been on :devart: )

Oh yea... and your coloring skillz are mad cool!
impaKtPT Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
I love it, but I still kinda miss your grayscale drawings.

But it's still awesome
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